Community Christian Singles

Welcome To Our Site

A supplemental ministry to the church, founded to provide single adults in the Mid-Michigan area with opportunities for Christian growth and fellowship.


- To provide support, encouragment, and inspiration to single adults, including those who never married, are divorced, or have become widowed.

- To provide a safe, secure atmosphere where members can mature spiritually and develop a vital and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

- To place Christ at the center of our lives and become consistent daily witnesses of our Christian faith.

- To bring glory to God through praise, prayer, Bible study, service and by reaching out to others in God's love.

- To learn to minister to one another while giving undivided devotion to the Lord.

- To promote unity, fellowship, and learning by offering various social activities, concerts, programs and seminars.

- To maintain an environment where singles feel accepted, have a sense of belonging and purpose, and can grow in their walk with Christ.

- To remain faithful in the stewardship of all our God-given resources: talents, gifts, money, energy, and time.

- To encourage single adults to maintain an ongoing relationship with their church.

* All programs and activities are alcohol and drug free.